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EIP Calculators Envelope to Mechanical Simplified Trade Off Analysis

Envelope to Mechanical Simplified Trade Off Analysis is an add-on to the ventilation calculator.

The Energy Code allows flexibility in implementing its intent. What matters is that energy savings are achieved, not so much how they are achieved. This module is used to compare the energy loss through a thermally inferior envelope with the energy saved with a superior mechanical system. If the energy savings are positive, despite the inferior envelope, the intent of the Energy Code is exceeded.

The Envelope to Mechanical Simplified Trade-Off module is especially handy for historic buildings. Measures to bring the envelope up to the prescriptive code requirements may destroy the character of the building, whereas improvements in the mechanical system can be implemented behind the scenes and often at a lower cost to achieve equivalent or greater energy savings.

From the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC):
IECC International Energy Conservation Code is intended to provide flexibility to permit the use of innovative approaches and techniques to achieve the effective use of energy

Graphs and tables of energy savings demonstrate enevelope mechanical simplified trade off results Graphs and tables of energy savings demonstrate mechanical to architural simplified trade off results

Lee Loebe, Pyramid Heating - This tool allows us to show the customers how much energy they will save.

Milo McCoy, Viking Heating and Sheetmetal - When you can show customers you can save them money -

Ruben Willmarth, Carrier Corporation - This is a great tool for Design/Build contractors

EIP produces usable, credible and code-compliant results performing the tasks of an engineer for contractors

EIP uses inputs contractors and building owners familiar with their building will know.


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