Engineer In A Pocket

Engineer In A Pocket
Energy Software for HVAC Contractors
EIP Calculators Calculators for Mechanical System Energy Savings...

Each module is sold separately so you pay only for the engineering expertise that is applicable to your facility.

Ventilation Calculator

Many buildings are over ventilated most of the day. The EIP calculates the heating energy savings and payback period of energy conservation measures installed in your specific building compared to a prescriptive baseline. Results are based solely on the handling of the ventilation load and so are conservative. Measures include: improving HVAC system efficiency, adding heat recovery, adding damper and sensors for demand controlled ventilation, adding motorized dampers in louvers, and taking advantage of natural ventilation.

Swimming Pool Calculator

Many pools pay to heat more outside air than needed. The EIP calculates the energy savings and payback period for your specific pool when adding a humidity controlled economizer. One of the biggest energy conservation measures you can do for a pool is to use a pool cover. The EIP does a site specific analysis of the potential energy savings associated with adding the pool cover.

Architectural & Mechanical Simplified Trade Off Analysis Calculator

The Simplified Trade-off between Architectural and Mechanical is handy for historic buildings. The EIP compares the energy loss through the thermally inferior envelope with the energy saved with a superior mechanical system to determine if the intent of the Energy Code is exceeded.

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