Marcia Karr PE, Engineer in a Pocket LLP, Commercial Building HVAC Design and Energy Analysis
Marcia Karr, P.E.
Engineer in a Pocket, LLP
Building HVAC Design and Energy Analysis

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Building Mechanical Design and Analysis of Energy Projects

Engineering and consultation services we offer include:

  • Professionally-engineered, coordinated and efficient mechanical HVAC design for commercial and institutional facilities
  • Design-Construction-Owner Training
  • Engineering and consultation on energy projects at commercial, institutional and agricultural facilities. Our experience includes energy efficiency, combined heat and power and bioenergy projects.
  • Financial analyses of energy projects, including life cycle cost analysis, financial statements and sensitivity studies to evaluate project viability.
  • Critieria pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions analysis of energy projects
  • Training and consultation on combined heat and power tool suite (CHAPSAT, GilMore, RELCOST, & GHG Calculator) and on the Engineer in a Pocket software. We offer both on-site training and web training.

Services for Architects, Building Owners, Design Teams, and HVAC Contractors

My range of experience lends perspective in meeting the needs of Architects, Building Owners, Design Teams, and HVAC contractors. I have worked as a commercial sector plan and spec engineer, as a construction project manager and later as a trade supervisor with a crew of 40 people from all the trades maintaining and operating buildings. I have inspected job site conditions, bid the jobs, designed the systems, obtained permits and supported my construction team to close out. I have trained Building Operators on how to use their EMS system to maintain and operate their buildings efficiently and proactively.

Qualified and Experienced
  • Over 30 years in Engineering and Construction for the Commercial, Institutional, Agricultural and Industrial sectors.
  • As the sole energy and mechanical code plans examiner at the City of Portland, I conducted plan reviews for thousands of commercial projects, as well as helping all the applicants solve any issues they had within the permit department and with their designs.
  • Conducted dozens of USDOE assessments and installation of Combined Heat and Power projects for the Northwest CHP Technical Assistance Parternship.
  • USDA/NRCS assessing energy use in our agricultural sector and assisting installation of energy saving technologies.
  • As a mechanical engineer at a Design/Build firm, I was instrumental in increasing their fleet of trucks from 13 to over 50 in my first year.
  • Teach classes for Professional Engineers on various subjects that offer PDU's for their license requirements.
  • Mentor third and fourth year engineering students to expedite their ability to apply the theory they learn in school to the real world.

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