Engineer In A Pocket

Engineer In A Pocket
Energy Software for HVAC Contractors
EIP Calculators

EIP answers your energy questions...

With the EIP, a contractor can answer the questions clients have about energy savings recommendations:

  • Why should I spend more money?
  • How much will I save?
  • What is the payback?

Mechanical systems and the energy code challenge...

Energy codes have three sections: power and lighting, envelope and mechanical. The first two are well-developed with current technology. Prescriptive or deemed conservation measures capture the energy savings potential of these types of measures well. Mechanical systems, on the other hand, require engineering analysis to achieve the site-specific energy savings that are possible. Many of these measures are inexpensive to install, yet achieve large energy savings. The EIP is used to estimate these savings cost effectively.

A decision tool...

EIP provides the results needed for a decision -- energy savings, cost information and payback -- based on good engineering practice. As an Excel spreadsheet, it is user-friendly with transparent calculations and assumptions. Measures are compared to a code-compliant baseline, answering why going beyond the energy code pays back. Savings estimates are not overestimated because it uses conservative assumptions.

EIP is unique...

There are many useful tools out there that serve other purposes, but no others that give what contractors need to demonstrate site-specific energy conservation measures.

  • EIP is not building energy simulation software, such as Trane Trace, HAP, Energy Plus.
    These tools are good for engineers, particularly for new construction.
  • EIP is not a spark spread analysis or a statistical tool, such as Spark, Commissioning, Portfolio Manager. These tools have good information but do not give the site specific information needed for decision making.

A solid analytical basis...

EIP has a solid basis to produce an accurate estimate of savings:

  • Hourly weather data for a weather station near your site
  • Your hours of operation
  • Utility rates
  • Occupancy classification
  • ASHRAE recommendations
  • Good engineering practices







About Us...

Our goal is to conserve energy, save customers money and increase business for contractors by making it easier to get projects implemented. The benefits are many – for individuals, the environment, the economy, and the energy security of our country.

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